Product Photography Is About To Get an Upgrade

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What is Pixerr

When it comes to product photography the never ending game of long phone calls, back and forth emails, long turnaround times, and waste of money. Is something that you’re probably familiar with.

Well, that’s all about to change.

Say hello to, brought to you by a team of online photography professionals with the belief that an automated and simplified product photography process will service online sellers and benefit the growing e-commerce market.

With you can easily get your product photos by simply uploading your product specs and a sample of your desired angle, ship your product, and done! Within 1 to 3 business day you will receive high quality web optimized images ready to upload to your listing.

Coming soon!

Press Release

Introducing Pixerr: The First Ever Platform for Easier Product Photography.
Innovative online platform offers Amazon and e-commerce sellers a simpler way to automate their professional product photography needs.

Welcome to the world of professional product photography: necessary, expensive, time-consuming...and ready for an upgrade. That’s the idea behind Pixerr, a web-service that offers e-commerce sellers a simpler, easier...

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